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Are you looking for expert headlight restoration for your oxidized head light in Jacksonville, Florida? Call The Headlight Doctor today for your affordable headlight restoration services!

Are your headlights yellowing, dull or dingy? We have the cure to keep you safe! We are a nationwide company with 11 locations from Miami, Florida and up to Pennsylvania.  Check out our website

Providing professional headlight cleaning to Jacksonville, Florida!

Head Light Jacksonville, Florida For your local Headlight Doctor, Paul Manfra is located in Jacksonville, Florida.  We are a mobile service that comes to you! We offer as seen in the video a permanent and cost-effective solution to headlight restoration.  We improve your car's appearance with our headlight cleaning system.  We offer the longest warranty - 5 years! Professional headlight lens restoration from foggy headlights to making them clear! Our customers are consumers, auto dealerships, auto body shops, insurance companies, auto repair shops & more! "Restore them, don't replace 'em."  We are the global leader in technology.  Our results are indistinguishable from brand new or the job is free.

Drivers who find it harder to see the road at night may not need glasses.  Rather, they may not have realized that their cars headlights are naturally dimming over time.  Headlight Doctor recommends on checking your headlights regularly to make sure they are working.  Luckily, restoring the headlights is a simple and cost effective permanent solution to make night driving safer for any age driver.  Don’t get pulled over due to dim headlights, let the Headlight Doctor come to you.

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Cost effective head light restoration!

Headlight Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida Determined to find an economical solution (new headlight modules are usually $500.00 and up), Paul began his research and investment and after several years devised a critical component to the HEADLIGHT DOCTOR restoration system, liquid plastic.  This extraordinary L.P. component allows us the finest results and the longest warranty - 5 YEARS! After several successful trial years in Jacksonville, Florida, Paul Manfra began offering licenses all over Florida, and the continental U.S.

What we want the world to know is that we only do headlight restoration from sunrise to sun set and that is why we are the best in the business.  That is also why we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed or the job is FREE!

The Process:

The Headlight Doctor's process consists of resurfacing the headlight lens through a specific sanding technique that removes the plastic decay, then relensing the surface with a high pressure spray of the HEADLIGHT DOCTOR L.P. (Liquid Plastic).  All the work done is on the lens intact.  Typically nothing is removed from the auto and the vehicle can be driven in as little as 30 minutes after the process is complete!

Headlights that are dingy, yellow, and dull are caused by a culmination of factors.  Salt, heat and humidity are the leading culprits of the oxidation that occurs, clouding your headlights.  Our process begins with the sanding/grinding down of the lenses, removing this oxidation.  This step allows us to bring the lenses back to a raw, virgin plastic.  Once this is achieved, we sterilize the lenses for the next step.  At a specific high pressure, we spray on our liquid plastic that instantaneously soaks through the lens and bonds with it becoming an actual new lens.  Our specific technique allows us to not only remove the decay from the outside, but also all the way into the lens.  There is no other service, chemical, or process that penetrates as deep as our Headlight Doctor liquid plastic.

What we guarantee about our service:

  1. Your Restored head light will look brand new.
  2. The lens will be restored back to 100% Night-Visibility.
  3. We are able to provide a written 5-year warranty for our service upon completion of the job.
    (Five Year Chemical Warranty & One Year Labor Warranty.)

Call for headlight cleaning services! Proudly serving the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Headlight Restoration Jacksonville, Florida Headlight Restoration Jacksonville, Florida  
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Headlight restoration.  Does your vehicle have cataracts? Improve your car's appearance! 5 years warranty.  Having trouble driving at night? Headlights yellowing, dirty or dingy? We offer a permanent and cost effective solution.  Restore your headlights, don't replace them.  We offer a mobile service and come to you! 100% satisfaction guaranteed or the job is Free!  Licenses available.

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